Better yields with Stoneco Aglime

Aglime or agricultural lime is crushed limestone or dolomite used for soil treatment, primarily to reduce soil acidity. Soils tend to become acidic from heavy use of nitrogen-containing fertilizers, unless a soil conditioner is used. Using aglime, “lime”, or agricultural lime, a finely-ground limestone or dolomite, to change the soil from acidic to nearly neutral particularly benefits crops by maximizing availability of plant nutrients, and also by reducing aluminum or manganese toxicity, promoting soil microbe activity, and improving the soil structure.

With locations currently marketing and producing aglime in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Utah, we are one of the largest producers of aglime in the Midwest. For more information regarding our aglime including aglime sales, aglime delivery, aglime availability, aglime neutralizing value, or aglime statistical analysis, please contact us by clicking here