Jay Garrision
Phone: (614) 437-2311
Email: jgarrison@shellyco.com
Contact for Ostrander

Ted Helton (sales)
Phone (330) 405-4179
Email: ted.helton@shellyco.com
Contact for Alliance Yard, Copley Yard, and Kent Yard

Dale Mathew (sales)
Phone: (419) 303-5431
Email: dmathew@shellyco.com
Contact for Auglaize (Oakwood), Celina and Scott

Nate Mathew (sales)
Phone: (419) 234-1244
Email: nate.mathew@shellyco.com
Contact for Forest, Wyandot Dolomite (Carey), and York Center

Sam Schmitz (sales)
Phone: (419) 392-2091
Email: sschmitz@shellyco.com
Contact for Maumee, Clay Center, Portage and Lime City

Randy Ziemer (sales)
Phone: (740) 475-7140
Email: rziemer@shellyco.com
Contact for Derwent Yard and East Fultonham

Please e-mail us at info@aglime.com for all other pricing and additional material information. Please include the following information:

  • What sites are you interested in pricing for?
  • How much material do you require?
  • Does the material need to be delivered?
  • If you are interested in delivery, where would it be delivered to? Please include an address.