About Us:

Aglime.com is sponsored by Stoneco of Michigan a member of Michigan Paving and Materials Company and The Shelly Company. Aglime.com is co-sponsored by Cessford Construction Company, McClinton Anchor, and Tilcon New York.

Stoneco and Shelly are leading suppliers of Aglime and Construction Aggregates and Materials in Michigan's Southern Peninsula and Ohio. They have been for over 100 Years.

With over 500 paving professionals staffed in 10 Southern Michigan asphalt plants, quarry operations, and aggregate and oil operations, Michigan Paving and Materials Co. is a technological leader in the field of asphalt construction for both the public and private sector.

If you've driven anywhere in Ohio, chances are you've been on a road that Shelly was involved in constructing. Our 42 asphalt plants make us one of the larger asphalt-producing companies in the nation. We're not only proud of the size and breadth of our enterprise, we're proud of how we became so successful. Our success comes from quality, the trust we earn from our clients and environmentally sound practices. We couldn't continue growing without firm commitments to all of those strengths.

All of these operations are part of the Oldcastle Materials Group family of companies. Oldcastle® is the North American arm of CRH plc, one of the world’s leading building products and materials companies based in Dublin, Ireland. Oldcastle operations include more than 1900 locations in 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Oldcastle has 40,000 employees.